Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moonglow Expressions & Dream Weaver Studios

Moonglow Expressions & Dream Weaver Studios occupies one of the resident artist studios at the Narrows Center for the Arts ( This panorama provides a glimpse into the world of two artists. In Sharon Owen's world deer antlers, polished gourds and copper wire combine with traditional basket making material to create truly amazing baskets. Despite the fact that Sharon has mastered many precisely defined traditional basket forms, each basket for Sharon is a unique journey of creation. No two are alike and she likes it that way. So do many others. Sharon benefits from the synergistic atmosphere that exists at the Narrows and likes to keep her studio open to visitors during the frequent live music events. Over 10,000 art sensitive visitors stroll by the windows of her studio every year. Her baskets have found their way into the homes and collections of quite a few visiting musicians. John Hammond, Simon Nichols and Jerry Douglas all boast one of her unique creations . Sharon also likes to share her love of basketweaving giving small group classes. For more information call Sharon at 508-678-3662.

Joan L'homme calls her part of the studio "Moonglow Expressions." Joan works mainly in watercolors and has mastered a unique style in which she combines forms from nature with exuberant abstractions from her own vision. Joan sells framed originals and prints of her paintings framed and sells printed cards containing her work as well.

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