Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little Planet Views

The Krpano viewer provides a rich interactive viewing experience. In addition to panning and zooming with your mouse if you right click in the panorama you get options for other projections. My favorite is the "little planet view". The normal view allows you to pan thru all that is visible from a point but the "little planet view" gives you all that is visible from a point all at once. To my mind these polar panoramas are like belly buttons. You have your innies and you have your outies. By dragging your mouse in the vertical direction while in the little planet view you are able to morph between these two projections.

In the near future we plan to convert a series of the panoramas you see on Vr Journey into versions for print to be available for online purchase. Below are the different projections we plan to offer. If you don't want to wait till then or have seen one that you think is begging to be printed email us and we will convert it to the projection you desire and get it printed for you. The images below are low resolution but the printable versions are about 100 megapixels and can be printed quite large.

This is the spherical projection. It is the same image that the web page viewer uses to allow you to pan 360 and zoom. It has distortion at the top and bottom similar to the flat map of the world unwrapped from the globe.

This is that same projection but cropped.

This is the "little planet view" in outie mode.

And this is the "little planet view" in the innie mode.

Enjoy playing with the various projections and if would like it printed email us the name of the panorama and let us know which of the four options above you would like.

Fair Winds,

Chris Blake

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