Thursday, October 22, 2009

Durfee Highschool

Durfee High is simply put the most beautiful high school building IN THE WORLD ... bar none. I'm not an architect. I'm not even a critic of architecture. You might put up a tree house in your backyard and I might tell you it has architectural merit ... but about this I'm right. It IS the most beautiful high school building in the world and there's no debating the point with me. I've made up my mind and will go into my grave believing it. There is a problem however ... it's no longer a high school. It's a courthouse. But at least it's being well taken care of.

We'd tried to shoot it once before. The light wasn't right. We decided it would photograph better mid day and once again we were right. We do have opinions at Aerial Vr, about architecture and about how to photograph it. This is a great image of an even greater building.

In closing, I won't tell you who built it or for how much money or in what style or where in the world you can find something that looks just like it. There must be a million stories that can be told about a building like Durfee High but I don't know them and time is short. I just want you to gaze up at that facade and tell me how much the people who built it cared about education (or how much money they had and how much they wanted people to think they cared about education.) You'll feel the answer in your bones.

Durfee High School - Fall River in Narragansett Bay

Fair Journey,

Brian Shriver

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