Thursday, October 22, 2009

Save the Bay's Vegetative Roof

Save The Bay Roof in Narragansett Bay

We took this photo in mid August near the end of the day. It's not a bunker dug into a grassy hill overlooking Narragansett Bay. It's actually a high tech and beautifully designed building which houses a world class champion of green causes, namely Save the Bay. It only looks like a bunker from this angle. It's north wall is set into a grass covered berm about 10 feet high. The roof extends upwards from there and is covered with vegetation.

It's an old idea made new. I remember a childrens' story about an old woman who had a cow on her roof. I believe it really happened! Save the Bay probably couldn't graze a cow on their roof. They might manage to nest a few birds however. Vegetative roofs have made a comeback among the green crowd and Save the Bay is certainly that. They're quite energy efficient in the summer among other things. I can't expound further without doing research so I'll have to leave it at that. If you want the full story about vegetative roofs and why Save the Bay wanted one on their new building then you'll have to visit their website and find out more.

To take this photo we set up our 40' tripod in the building's main entrance on the north side near the end of the day. Our camera was high enough to see over the top of the roof to the beautiful view looking south over Narragansett Bay. The north side has the main entrance but it's not considered the front of the building. The front faces south and looks out upon that fabulous view. How clever of that architect eh?

We intend to photograph the front of the building next .... "in the morning light" .... in October if all goes to plan. Our little sunlight study says that's when it'll be best. You'll be able to see the front of one of the most unique buildings in Rhode Island and then spin around and see their eelgrass restoration project and the dock where the mighty Alita Morris revs her engines before delivering schoolchildren to an out of classroom educational experience they won't soon forget. It's all in the plan.

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